Peter Arcese

At Stropheus, I am responsible for wealth transfer, non-profit formation and compliance, trusts, estate planning, and helping authors and artists secure the future of their rights, reputation, market and legacy.

I grew up surrounded by books, art, and music. Over dinners, I often heard lawyer relatives mention Wills, Trusts, and Foundations as a way to secure the future of family, art, and business.

Before graduating from high school, I had won a photography contest, studied classical guitar, and learned from Shakespeare that the arts were compatible with financial success. In college, I majored in English, minored in economics, wrote & directed a one-act play which was produced in NYC, and invested my savings to pay for law school.

My passion for the arts stayed with me throughout law school. When I started my own firm right out of law school over twenty years ago, I also began teaching college courses in Literature and Law. Continuing to produce plays and publishing also brought together my creative, business, and legal skills. In my law practice, I consistently found the common ground between personal self-expression through art and intention in a Will or Living Trust.

When I became a parent, my passion for the arts joined with my deepest desire to protect and provide for my children. Securing their emotional and financial well-being became a top priority. I drew on my legal skills and experience as an estate planner to preserve family harmony and provide the best protection for my children.

Bringing together my love for the arts with my love for family has made me both a better lawyer and a better parent. I help my clients do their best to protect and provide for the future of their life's work and the well-being of their families.

I hold an LL.M in Taxation from the New York University School of Law, and am an award-winning adjunct assistant professor of Humanities at the New York University. I am a member of the American Bar Association's Dispute Resolution Section Mediation Committee, and served as co-chair from 2011 - 2015.

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