Martin Shell

Martin Shell is responsible for real estate transactions and litigation in all the five boroughs. This includes landlord-tenant matters, breach of contract, business law, rent overcharge, fair market rent appeals, Yellowstone injunctions, and certificates of no harassment. He is your ally in the negotiation, drafting, and interpretation of commercial real estate, studio, gallery, and office leases and subleases.

Martin Shell can help you successfully and safely create real estate corporations, including special purpose real estate entities, real estate partnerships and joint ventures, 1031 exchanges, easements and other real estate use licenses. He can seamlessly contribute to the success of your projects with regard to real estate due diligence, title insurance review, land survey review, credit agreements/notes, security agreements, mortgages, and fixture filings, real estate broker agreements and construction contracts.

Understanding how to handle real estate transactions with regard to estate, gift, and income taxes can have a profound impact on the value of your investments. Market developments in New York mandate the strongest vigilance to protect your rights. Martin Shell has proven himself a tireless advocate in the struggle to make this critical dimension of your life, practice, and business sustainable.

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